Shalom and Welcome!

  • Are you feeling alone in your walk?
  • Have you come to the end of yourself?
  • Are you tired of all the destructive behavior on social media platforms these days?
  • Is your faith starting to have deeper meaning for you?
  • Are you desiring to have fellowship with others in a safe and agenda free environment?
  • Are you already part of a wider fellowship community but also desire to connect at a deeper level with others?
  • Do you want His Shalom back in your life?

Then The Donkey Stable may be the place for you!

“He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

Matthew 15:24

Walking Closer With Others

His Way, His Truth and His Life

Many people like the idea or concept of discipleship; however very few truly understand and appreciate the long-term value and lasting benefits of discipleship in our lives and related faith journeys. Unfortunately, Biblical discipleship as patterned by Yeshua Messiah is largely missing from among His people today. There are many reasons for this. Sadly, as a result some environments can become unhealthy for maturing in faith related matters. Healthier faith environments can allow for better long-term spiritual growth and ‘good fruit’ in our lives.

Often people are finding themselves walking their faith journey alone these days. This can result in many exploring and wandering the Internet for teachings that may or may not help them in the moment etc. This is not an ideal way for those seeking His truth and long-term growth. It can often leave many wandering who they can trust and where to go, sometimes leading to unhealthy faith or even toxic environments.

The Donkey Stable platform is a wider community made up of different Ministries from around the world. Together with their respective servant leadership, we choose to volunteer our support and walk more closely in order to help connect people searching their faith in a deeper and more meaningful way. We affectionately call this the ‘River Village’ community. Additionally, the servant leadership within the different ministries serve as natural form of Eldership to the various servant leaders overseeing the wider community discipleship environments.

We all inherently have a basic need and design for community and closer social connections as a part of the overall human experience. We need a place to connect with others in a safer and healthier way. Simply, we encourage others to walk together and help create healthier environments within a discipleship and fellowship context. This was a key part of the discipleship pattern given to us by Messiah when He walked the Earth.

Life can be challenging these days. Perhaps we have been hurt by others in past life experiences or even various faith and secular environments? Sometimes it can be as simple as just desiring deeper connections with others we can trust while exploring matters of faith and life in a deeper way. Walking closer with others who you have learned to trust, can really have life long lasting benefits for both your well being and spiritual journey. However, trust is not earned or should it be easily handed over to others. We believe healthy trust is actually learned over time as we spiritually mature for ourselves and with others in healthier Biblical faith environments. However, we believe this cannot be fully achieved by only engaging through classroom type settings, various teachings and wider faith gatherings.

Everyone has a different life experience and related faith journey. These are very personal and should be valued and respected, as we seek to live out His truth in our own lives. Are you ready to walk with others during life’s inevitable challenges? To play your part in creating a healthier and ultimately more loving faith environments for others? All of us need to receive and give support at various times during the course of our lives. Only Elohim and His Ruach can truly do the work of ‘heart circumcision’, but walking closer with others and understanding His word, were also key parts of His design and way. His ancient principles and values have not changed, even in these modern times and our scattered reality.

We encourage the Body of Messiah to be a part of a wider growing community where closer Biblical fellowship connections have an opportunity to occur, be valued and respected. Let’s choose not to ‘walk alone’ in matters of understanding a Biblical faith as instructed by His word and patterned by Messiah.

Life is not just about ourselves, but those who journey with us. Let’s help and share in one another’s burden and hopefully become a better witness to all around us. Let’s not keep asking what others can do for us…but what we can do for others.

We will prioritize what we value.

Note: The Donkey Stable does not represent or promote any particular religious denomination, movement or political alignment and therefore is not a platform for such activity and related agendas.

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