Ministry Bios

In 2013, Curtis and Pip Reid co-founded Bible Pathway Adventures (BPA) to help parents and educators teach children biblical truth and encourage discipleship back in the home. Prior to this, Curtis served the Body of Messiah for over 25 years, studying and teaching the Word, with a call to understand End Times prophecy. His executive career included over 20 years within the oil industry and wider energy sector.

During his formal biblical studies, Curtis was challenged by the Father to look deeper at something Yeshua patterned with His own disciples. He soon discovered that authentic Biblical discipleship was missing or had been counterfeited in his own life and within the wider Body of Messiah. And so, the journey began…. Curtis now serves as Creative Director and spiritual overseer for Bible Pathway Adventures, runs a teaching ministry called The Donkey Speaks, leads a local fellowship and men’s discipleship midrash, and is the founder of the international discipleship platform, The Donkey Stable.

Pip Reid is the author of Bible Pathway Adventures’ stories and educational activities. Before starting Bible Pathway Adventures, she worked in educational publishing for the New Zealand government, and completed diplomas in journalism and writing for children. Since then, she has written numerous Bible stories and hundreds of biblical resources for children and parents – all designed to encourage discipleship in a fun and creative way. These materials can be easily downloaded on their website Their desire is to help children and parents get back into the Word and experience a life long journey of discipleship.

Curtis and Pip divide their time between New Zealand, Canada and the USA.