Category: Blog, News and Events Post Date: October 2, 2023

“ABOVE ALL” in Hebrew, Arabic & English (Live Worship, Jerusalem)

Join us in Jerusalem, Israel, in worship of the Prince of Peace – in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Produced by ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry.

Your donations to ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry help support local Jewish and Arab Israeli believing artists!

Special thanks to Joshua Aaron, Nizar Francis and Shilo Ben Hod who joined us! Follow their work:

00:00 – Joshua Aaron, Nizar Francis, Shilo Ben Hod
00:18 – English
00:48 – Arabic
02:07 – Hebrew
03:10 – English, Hebrew & Arabic together
04:21 – A word from ONE FOR ISRAEL’s President

Songwriters: Le Blanc Leonard J / Baloche Paul Joseph
Recording: David Jakoubovitch and Evyatar Shimoni
Mix: David Jakoubovitch
Mastering: Robert Szydlo
All rights reserved @ ONE FOR ISRAEL

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