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Ayin Beis Vol. 3 p. 1441-1442: Shema Reflects All Mitzvos

Ayin Beis Vol. 3 p. 1441-1442:
– Shema Reflects All Mitzvos
– Unity of KDB’H and Shechina to the Highest Level in Atzmus
– Aylov V’lo L’Midosov
– Shemona Esrei
– Attaching to Divine Attributes
– Elevation and Transmission of Divine Unity
– All of Existence is in Truth Divine Energy

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Why are we here? What does the unconscious look like? Can we bridge the finite and the infinite? Where do heaven and earth meet? How to express the inexpressible? Can the rational mind speak to the impulsive heart? Is the mind driven by ego or by transcendence? How much potential do you have and how can you actualize it? How can we graduate from good to excellent? How can we balance the best and the worst in man — the two extremes we witnessed in horror and in pride during the 20th century? Can we integrate transcendence and existence? These and many more fundamental life questions are addressed in a century year old text that has remained secret to this very day.

Over one hundred years ago a visionary of the highest order began delivering a tour de force — which can be described as the Mt. Everest of modern mysticism. This epic is called “Hemshech Ayin Beis” (after the Hebrew letters, ayin beis, that signify the year, 5672, in which its delivery began). It was written and delivered by the Rebbe Rashab, Rabbi Sholom Dovber, the 5th Chabad Rebbe, in a series of Chassidic discourses that spanned from 5672 to 5676 (1912–1915). 37 days after the Titanic sank, this Titanic began to rise. It was first published in 1977 (from its original Hebrew manuscript) in three large volumes, consisting of close to 1500 pages.

Now for the very first time, we invite you to partner with us in spearheading an effort to decipher, study and explore the revolutionary ideas in this pioneering work — ideas that can spawn new modalities in education, science, psychology and many other schools of thought. Ideas that have the power to change us and the world in which we live. Ideas that can help us shape the future of our universe.

Please join the Ayin Beis revolution. Discover ways and tools to access this trendsetting landmark. Be part of something truly magnificent and historical. Let us travel together and witness the unfolding of an exhilarating, groundbreaking journey. Explore Ayin Beis:
Daily Advanced Chassidus Shiur with Rabbi Simon Jacobson

🕯️Start from the beginning:

🕯️Start from the beginning:

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