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COME AND SEE (Table to the Tomb) LIVE at the GARDEN TOMB

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Special Greeting from Joshua:
After well over two years of planning, preparing, and rehearsing, nothing could hold us back from singing GOD’s praises at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem! Not COVID, not even threats of terrorism just a few hundred meters away at the Damascus Gate. We felt supernaturally protected that night knowing we were safely held in the hands of the Almighty (and with ten Israeli soldiers patrolling outside the Garden Tomb Gate!). My hope is that you will be blessed as you hear these songs recorded LIVE that memorable evening. In the midst of the chaos around the world, I pray you see Yeshua, the Risen Savior, Messiah, King of all, and feel the sense of reality that He was, He is and He soon will come again. Amen

Come and See (Table to the Tomb) LYRICS

At the table, the upper room where we reclined
You raised the cup and said your blood it was the wine
You said your body would be broken like this bread
It was a kind of love that we just could not comprehend – Lai, Lai, Lai

There in the garden, falling on your knees you prayed
Abba Father won’t you take this cup away
Then your betrayer, with an army entered in
Trading your love for 30-shekels and a kiss – Lai, Lai, Lai

Your body beaten, a crown of thorns upon your head
They nailed you to the tree, your final words you said
Father forgive them, for they know not what they do
Then it was finished, they laid you in the borrowed tomb – Lai, Lai, Lai

In early morning, it was before the break of day
The earth it trembled and the stone was rolled away
The tomb was empty love had conquered over sin
An invitation that we all may enter in – Lai, Lai, Lai

Come and see, come and see where He lay
Hear the angel saying “do not be afraid”
He’s not here, He is risen Hallelujah

Music & Lyrics by Joshua Aaron / Jesse Reeves
© 2022 songs, BEC/ ASCAP/ WriterWrong Music

A big thanks to our huge team!
Music Director and Producer/Guitar: Jamie Hilsden
Lead Vocals/Guitar: Joshua Aaron
Oud/Baglama/Tar/Hurdy Gurdy/Lyra/Cura: Yaron Cherniak
Bass: Vadim Sokolyk
Electric Guitar: David Niskin
Drums: Gabriel Aisenman
Singers: Shilo Ben Hod, Rebekah Wagner, Jamie Hilsden
Special Guests: Aaron Shust, Nizar Francis
Cellist: Eliana Miraglia
Piano: Paweł Zarecki
Audio Engineer: Tairo Arrabal
Audio Mix: Ainslie Grosser
Audio Master: Chris Gehringer

Video Producer: Mati Shoshani
Director: Dudi Dorham
Video Editor: Igal Blachman
Video Colorist: Franck Desmoulins

Of course, THANK YOU to the entire staff at The Garden Tomb. Visit their website to order from their store or support this incredible organization

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