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Jewish Music with Beautiful Views of Israel | Peaceful Relaxation

Listen to authentic Jewish Music and you watch beautiful views of Israel unfold before you including the Garden Tomb, The Temple Mount, Sea of Galilee and much more.

All of the videos on our channel are personally created and edited by us. Our desire is to tell a beautiful story using “sight and sound” visuals. Every video begins at the “drawing board” by carefully researching and selecting topics of interest we believe you would enjoy. Then the real work begins; hours of editing and proofing later, we present the final result to you, our viewers.

Our goal is that you will feel refreshed and uplifted after watching and listening to our music videos. We are continuing to work on new projects, so we encourage you to subscribe (if you haven’t already) so you don’t miss a thing. Feel free to share our videos and channel with friends and family as this helps our channel grow to reach others.


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Best, William & Gabriella


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