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Mordechai Shapiro – Achas (Official Video) מרדכי שפירא – אחת

אחת שאלתי מאת ה׳ אותה אבקש
שבתי בבית ה׳ כל ימי חיי

One thing I ask from God, one thing I desire
That I might dwell in Your house all the days of my life

Composed by Mordechai Shapiro
Produced & Arranged by Mendy Portnoy
Piano/Keys: Mendy Portnoy
String Arranged & Performed by Yoed Nir
Kanun: Amir Alaev
Guitars: Noam (Hargol) Burg
Backing Vocals: Mordechai Shapiro, Mendy Portnoy
Kids Choir: Mk kids choir
Mixed by Mendy Portnoy & Shai Sivan
Mastered by: Shai Sivan

Video Credits
Directed Edited & Colored by Rafi Barides
Filmed by Motty Berkowitz
Set Assists: Tzvi Levine & Zach Adler
Ukulele: Tzvi Levine
Guitar: Ezra Eliyahu
Bass: Mitch Friedman
Cajon: Noam Gross

Special thanks to
Ruli Ezrachi
David Herskowitz
Raquel shapiro


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