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Shema Israel Part II (Baruch Shem Malchuto) by Micha’el Eliyahu

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*Ithase thi has been 11 years on since the filming of the hit single ‘Shema Yisrael’ shot in the Netherlands, which has become a beloved song in hundreds of thousands of households across the globe. Now, a second version has been recorded, set to a familiar tune, and filmed in Israel. *

B”H…may this version bless the multitudes, tribes and nations out there as well.

This timely release during the month of Elul, where it is said that the KING is in the field and is made approachable and accessible to the people. Yes, the King is in the field, beloved and may His Name and His Kingdom be glorified as all those with pure hearts listen and reflect during this pertinent time. May we all humbly approach Hakadosh Baruch Hu and do teshuva / repentance and be found worthy to be inscribed and sealed in the Book of Life once and for all through Mashiach YHVH!

HaShem Echad!!!

In His great love,
Micha’el ~ His Beloved!

🎥 Videography:
6K Camera: AN
Drone: LN
Close up Footage: Ashley BenDavid
🎞️ Post Production Team: EmetZionMusic

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