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Shma Israel(Live) | Hear O Israel [Hebrew Worship Sessions]@SOLUIsrael

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Shma Israel – Hear O Israel – are the words every worshipper of the God of Israel knows, The Lord Our God, The Lord is Echad / One! Our righteousness, our salvation.
God has revealed Himself as the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit, and the day is coming, when every crown will be laid to His feet, every knee will bow and all of Israel will know – Yeshua is the King!

Song Composer: Joel Chernoff
Arrangement and tag composition: Solu Israel
Video By: Sar-El Media
Recorded at @TBN Israel Studios
Team: Sarah, Yedidyah and Shilo Ben Hod, Rebekah Wagner, Nethanel Buehler, Vadym Sokolyk.

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