Category: Blog, News and Events Post Date: October 4, 2023

Sh’ma Koleinu (Hear Our Voice)

The summer Olympic Games are an example of youth in full flower, but it is the nature of humanity to age. We all are on a journey from youth to wisdom, and one of our hopes is that the compassion we show to our elders is visited on us when we reach their stage. This week during my pastoral calls I’ve heard from a few people in our community about how challenging it is to get old, especially in the last year.
Reflecting on their words, I remember my grandmother used to ask me every year before the High Holidays to think about her during this prayer, Sh’ma Koleinu.
Who has been a source of wisdom in your life? Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom.

Music: Elliot Weiss, Commissioned by PAS
Orchestration: Joseph Ness
Music Director: David Enlow
AV: Erik Van Batavia, Doug Yoel
Video: Tami Shaham
Special Thanks to Eli Grunfeld

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