Category: Blog, News and Events Post Date: October 2, 2023

The Bedtime Shema (Kriyat Shema) [English and Hebrew]

This is a traditional Jewish prayer of protection that is said before going to sleep. If you are troubled by spiritual, demonic, or otherworldly attacks from the other side (spiritual realm), including incubus and succubus attacks, listen to this prayer before going to sleep and meditate on the words and I promise you that you will not have those attacks as long as you listen to this prayer before going to sleep. This is an emergency measure. Ideally, you should perform “teshuva” (repentance) and turn away from the sin that is causing these attacks. In this prayer, you perform teshuva and also forgive anyone who has transgressed against you. Hashem (G-d) will place 60 angels with double-edged swords around your bed when you sleep. This prayer evokes the protection of angels who will guard you as you sleep. In this video I recite the prayer in English first and then in Hebrew. You may only listen to the English part if you wish but I highly suggest that you listen to the Hebrew as well. Although your conscious mind may not understand Hebrew, your nashoma (soul) does understand it and it will bring comfort and peace to your soul and it will bring your soul closer to Hashem (G-d) while you sleep. This is here anytime that you need it and I hope that my praying for you brings you comfort and peace. May The Almighty G-d of Israel, The Only G-d, bless you always.

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