Welcome to the Mens Stables

Lets Walk as Our Messiah Patterned and Commanded Us.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Matthew 28:19-20

We believe the Creator designed men and women to be different; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. These differences are a wonderful gift from our creator and for very good reasons. Within a marriage covenant they are actually designed to come together as ‘one’ in order for us to be truly functional and effective together as one line of sight in order to help each other and others in our lives.

However, sometimes our greatest strengths can be our greatest weaknesses. Sadly, there is an increase in the lack of respect for men and an alarming decrease in the cherishing, respect and support of women in both the wider body of Messiah and secular society in general. This is largely due to the influence of some unhealthy and in some cases even destructive narratives within  both the Faith and modern society as a whole.

Here at the Donkey Stable we believe both genders are equal before our creator. He has designed them to have different attributes, strengths and roles. This for the purpose of learning and growing together so that we may function in a more healthy and productive manner with one another.

In order to work through these design differences and the challenges they present between men and women, Biblical discipleship at the smaller group level (twelve or smaller) was patterned by the early believers to work within their respective genders. The wider gatherings were appropriate for everyone as they are not designed to work through personal matters, struggles and  challenges. There are many good reasons for this and if respected according to the design, it all can produce good fruit in our lives.

The presence of both men and women in small fellowship groups can sometimes lead members to usurp a spouses authority in the home, distract, offend and/or even used to silence those present from either gender. For this reason, the Donkey Stable respects and models the Biblical design and related instructions regarding closer fellowship within an overall discipleship framework. Trying to apply Biblical wisdom and design principles helps us to create a safer and healthier environment for everyone within our wider community. As a part of our Faith, we all need to strive for productive biblical grounds, especially within small fellowship environments.

Anyone wanting to help serve and facilitate as  ‘servant leader’ will be a part of another Discipleship Stable which they do not support. Additionally, Women ‘servant leaders’ making themselves available for instructional fellowship to other women, ideally will have the spiritual line of sight and input of a husband who is also committed to a discipleship environment themselves. The Creator’s marriage covenant design as witnessed in scripture, is based on an ancient wisdom as patterned by Messiah with His disciples to His people.

We encourage women who are not married to go directly to the women who do have the spiritual input of their husbands together as one. Women’s discipleship can often become unhealthy if based on the same discipleship framework and midrash format as the men. This is because of the Creator’s design differences in both men and women, which helps provide an optimum framework for servant leaders, wider ministry relationships, Stable members and their families.

Do the Donkey Stables have an agenda? Yes, to help others grow, overcome, and ultimately mature in their Biblical faith. May we all become a little bit more pleasing in the eyes of Messiah and help others along the way.

What the Stables Are

The Stables Are a…

  • Healthy discipleship environment that will support, walk with and respect the Ministries and their respective leaders that participate in a Stable.
  • Place where ‘iron sharpens iron’ can happen within a safe and healthy environment.
  • Healthy environment to understand and mature in the responsibility, accountability and consequence of our personal character and Biblical faith.
  • Safe and trusted place to gather – the confidentiality of members will be upheld and respected at all times.
  • Safe place to ‘say it right and say it wrong’ – ’get it right and get it wrong’ without facing shame or self righteousness from the other Stable members.
  • A healthy place for any required emotional ‘vomit’ and the related tilling of the soil to occur in one’s life to overcome. We sometimes need to get our hands a little dirty while walking out our sanctification journey – the Halak. Deal with it!
  • We will encourage the ‘2&3’ relationships to develop on a deeper spiritual fellowship level. Not all personal matters are suitable for wider discussion within a Stable environment. Think before you speak, especially if it involves another brother or ministry.
  • Accountable place for equipping and building up the ‘Body of Messiah’ to help each other finish our ‘Race’ well.
  • Healthy environment to help serve, oversee and support women for the promotion of healthy biblical women’s discipleship and fellowship environments.
  • Place where we respect and cherish both the design of men and women.
  • Place where we do not entertain modern toxic feminist or male chauvinistic narratives, agendas and related propaganda.
  • To understand, celebrate and mature in our Biblical designs and express our faith in a safe and trusted environment.
  • Where no man coming into the ‘House of Israel’ will ever have to ‘walk alone’.

What the Stables Are Not

The Stables Are Not a…

  • Place for slander, gossip houses or destructive social media behaviors.
  • To disrespect the privacy of the other stable members. This will be upheld and respected at all times.
  • Prayer meeting, but we do encourage the members to pray together as led by the Ruach.
  • Formal ‘Christian University’ or ‘Jewish Yeshiva’ setting. All will be challenged from time to time. This is required for all in the Body of Messiah as long as the environment remains healthy and productive.
  • Formal weekly ‘Torah Reading’. However, midrash in the Torah, Prophets and the B’rit Chadashah as led by the Ruach will happen as facilitated by the ‘Servant Leader’.
  • Praise Session, but praise will happen as led by the Ruach.
  • Arena to ‘win’ doctrinal disputes and build on ‘unaccountable’ doctrines and the related Talmud of men.
  • Place for personal or other private doctrinal agendas.
  • Place for personal ‘glory seekers’ or ‘self-appointed’ saviours of the Body of Messiah.
  • Community that replaces the various Ministries working together and those called by the Father to lead and serve them. Participating ministries will be respected at all times.
  • If there is a particular issue with a Servant Leader or Ministry, then take your concern direct to that person or Ministry in a respectful and loving manner. Keep quiet until you can be respectful and loving.
  • Place for your own little ‘empire building’ and gatherings. We support the other affiliated ministries and their servant leaders represented throughout the various Stables.
  • Place for women to have mixed fellowship with the men. This is a place for the men’s design to ’till the soil’ without the presence of the other gender to unintentionally stifle or stumble each other.
  • Women’s discipleship is more organic in nature as they seek relationship and trust with other women within a wider discipleship context.
  • Place to draw disciples after one’s own self – Biblical Servant Leadership only. Stables are not dictatorships or democratic environments. The ‘Servant Leaders’ will oversee and chair that particular Stable. The goal is to facilitate healthy and productive meetings.
  • Place to control, convert and/or convince. Healthy discussion and Biblical midrash is encouraged at times, but not at the expense of the other Stable members.
  • Life Group, Cell Group, Home Group, Men’s Discussion Group, AA Meeting or social club etc. We will go deeper in a Biblical discipleship model as patterned by Messiah.

Rules of Engagement

“The fear of Yah is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Proverbs 1:7

Basic Rules of Engagement:

  • MIA check at the beginning of each Stable gathering by the attending members.
  • Open in prayer – as led by the various brothers.
  • Various ministry hats, denominations, movements or agendas will be left at the door before entering into the Stable environment except as facilitated by the Servant Leader.
  • If an offence is taken it will be raised within the meeting itself or taken up ‘one on one’ with the brother as instructed in Matthew 18 and then together with the Servant Leader if required.
  • The Ruach will lead via agreed meeting topic or burden happening within the Stable as facilitated by the Servant Leader.
  • A weekly two hour meeting is recommended. Specific time and date will be established by the Servant Leader.
  • No Stable will have a membership of more than 12 men plus the Servant Leader. However, it is the right of any Stable Servant Leader to have a ‘Full’ status with less than 12 members.
  • Bringing a guest is encouraged. The guest must be approved by the Servant Leader and members will be notified before the Stable.
  • Questions, thoughts, issues and non-personal offences will be brought before Stable members during the meetings respectfully. This is not to be done on social media platforms and/or private discussions outside of the Stable fellowship environment.
  • Members’ contact details will be kept up to date, private and are the responsibility of the Servant Leader.
  • The Servant Leader’s final decision on a matter will be upheld and respected by all members. Usurping and disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. Follow-up discussion and direction is encouraged in a healthy manner.
  • Stable members must acknowledge as part of their biblical faith the inseparable connection of both our Messiah’s Torah and His Blood that covers us all on this faith journey of discovery.
  • Servant Leaders reserve the right at all times to remove anyone from the Stable if they deem necessary following the guidelines in Matthew 18.
  • Stable #1 Eldership reserves the right at all times to officially remove a Stable, Servant Leader or any individual from the wider Donkey Stable network (if deemed necessary) for the health of the wider community. This will be done in a healthy, loving and accountable manner.
  • We encourage all members to share in one another’s burdens and help grow everyone in a committed loving environment.
  • It’s not a crime to have fun and enjoy yourselves in a healthy fellowship environment.
  • Close in Prayer.

Join a Stable

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Messiah. For if anyone thinks he is something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself.”

Galatians 6:2-3

It’s Easy to Join:

  1. Choose a Stable with a time zone that suits you for a weekly meeting
  2. Check to see the ‘Open’ or ‘Full’ status for accepting new members
  3. If a Stable is ‘Open’ then email the Servant Leader of that Stable using the email address provided
  4. A servant leader will make contact with you for a ‘one on one’ friendly introduction session

Enjoy your new family in the House of Israel!



Servant leaders: to add or update a stable, please submit details here.

Men's Discipleship

Stable #30

Status: Open

Meeting: Tues 10:00am (Time Zone - CT)

Country: India/Canada

Servant Leader: Shahid

Email: testthespirit666@gmail.com

Men's Discipleship

Stable #29

Status: Open

Meeting: Thurs 5:00pm (Time Zone - PT)

Country: Canada

Servant Leader: John & Paul

Email: neverwalkaloneds@gmail.com