Rules of Engagement

“The fear of Yah is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Proverbs 1:7

Rules of Engagement:

  • MIA check at the beginning of each Stable gathering by the attending members.
  • Open in prayer – as led by the various brothers.
  • Various ministry hat’s, denominations, movements, politics or agendas will be left at the door before entering into the Stable environment. (except for expressed particular reasons, request or matters as facilitated by the Servant Leader and raised by its members)
  • If an offense is taken it will be raised within the meeting itself or taken up ‘one on one’ with the brother as instructed in Matthew 18 and Then together with the Servant Leader if required.
  • The Ruach will lead via agreed meeting topic or burden happening within the Stable and facilitated by the Servant Leader.
  • A 2 Hour official time-frame and weekly meeting is recommended and encouraged, specific time and date will be agreed/established by the members of that particular stable and approved by the Servant Leader.
  • No individual Stable will have a membership of more than 12 persons and the servant leader. However, it is the right of any Stable Servant Leader and its memebers to have a ‘Full Status’ with less than 12 members.
  • Special guests are welcome who are not normally a part of that particular Stable, but will need to be approved by that Stable Servant Leader before joining the meeting.
  • Questions, thoughts, issues and offenses will be brought before Stable members during the meetings not on social media platforms and private discussions outside of the Stable.
  • Stable members are free to leave their disciplship network at anytime or request to be apart of another Stable if possible.
  • Members list and contact details will be kept up-to date and is the responsibility of the Servant Leader.
  • If ever required, the Servant Leaders final decision on a matter will be upheld and respected by all members – no usurping, gossip or slander is  tolerated within a Stable environment. Follow-up discussion and direction is always encouraged in a healthy manner as members seek a matter deeper.
  • Stable members must acknowledge as a part of their Faith the inseparable connection of both our Messiah’s Torah and His Blood that covers us all on this faith journey.
  • Servant Leaders reserve the right at all times to remove anyone from the Stable if they deem necessary following the behaviors and actions as demonstrated in Matthew 18.
  • Note: Stable #1 Eldership reserves the right at all time to officially remove a Stable, its servant leader or any individual from The Donkey Stable network if seen as necessary for the health of the wider community. This will be done in a healthy, loving and accountable manner by all involved.
  • We encourage all members to share in one another’s burdens and help grow everyone in the a committed loving environment.
  • Its not a crime to have fun and enjoy those who you walk closer with.
  • Close in Prayer.