Welcome To The Stables

Lets Walk as Our Messiah Patterned and Commanded Us.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Matthew 28:19-20

The Father designed men and women differently; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. These differences are a wonderful gift from our creator. Within a marriage covenant they are actually designed to come together as one in order for us to be truly functional and effective.

However, sometimes our greatest strengths can be our greatest weaknesses. Sadly, there is an increase in the lack of respect for men and an alarming decrease in the cherishing of women within the believing body of Messiah and society in general. This is largely due to the influence of some modern movements and narratives that would have you believe it is all about equality and not design. This is a lie.

Here at the Donkey Stable we believe both genders are equal before our creator but he has designed them to have different attributes, strengths and roles. This for the purpose of learning and growing together so that we may function as one in a more healthy and productive manner.

In order to work through these design differences and the challenges they present between men and women, Biblical discipleship at the smaller group level (the Twelve and Three person level) was patterned by the early believers to work within their respective genders. There are many good reasons for this and if respected according to the design, they can produce exceptionally good fruit.

The presence of both men and women in small groups can often lead members to usurp spouses, distract, offend and/or silence other members intentionally or unintentionally. For this reason, the Donkey Stable respects and models the Biblical design and related instructions regarding the more intimate levels of fellowship within the overall discipleship framework. Applying this Biblical wisdom helps ensure a safer and healthier environment for both the male and female Stable members. We all need good Biblical ground to produce good fruit, especially within small fellowship environments.

Anyone led to become a Stable ‘servant leader’ will be a part of another Stable which they do not lead. Women ‘servant leaders’ making themselves available for instructional fellowship to other women, must come under the spiritual headship of a husband who is also submitted into a Stable. This accountable environment is the creators marriage covenant design as witnessed in scripture, to the ancient wisdom patterned by Messiah with His disciples.

We encourage women who do not have spiritual headship in their lives to go directly to the women who do as instructed by scripture (not other women who do not). Women’s discipleship is not about meeting under the same structure, framework and midrash type of discipleship pattern as the men. This is because of the Creators design differences in the fallen state for both men and women. This Biblical pattern helps protect servant leaders, ministry partners and all Stable members.

Before contacting a Servant Leader, please carefully read ‘What the Stables Are‘ and ‘What the Stables are Not‘ and review the ‘Rules of Engagement‘. If you’d still like to join a stable…then prepare to meet the House of Israel awakening across the world!

It’s Easy To Join:

  1. Click the correct gender logo on this page
  2. Choose a Stable with a time zone that suits you for a weekly meeting
  3. Check to see the ‘Open’ or ‘Full’ status for accepting new members
  4. If a Stable is ‘Open’ then email the ‘servant leader of that Stable using the contact form provided
  5. A servant leader will make contact with you for a ‘one on one’ friendly introduction session

Enjoy your newly discovered family in the House of Israel!